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Latex Mattress

Brand: Duroflex
Duroflex Avaasa 100% Natural Latex and Coir Mattress (75x60x6 Inches), Queen Size Made from nature's finest, Avaasa is our 100% Natural Latex Mattress with a coir support layer for firm back support and contoured comfort. Featuring a biodegradable latex layer and high-density coir layer, both..
Ex Tax:₹40,385.00
Brand: Duroflex
Duroflex Kaya - Organic Cotton Fabric 6 Inch Single Size Latex Foam Mattress 100% chemical free, Kaya natural latex mattress is the closest that a new-age mattress can get to nature. The core is 100% natural latex with organic cotton fabric enveloping the mattress to lend it a soft and luxurious ..
Ex Tax:₹47,664.00
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